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Living For Yourself And Not Feeling Guilty About It

July 08, 2020
Change Your Life Forever Podcast
Living For Yourself And Not Feeling Guilty About It
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This is episode one of the podcast on living for yourself and not feeling guilty about. Most of us forget at times who we are and tend to lose our mojo's in life. 

Forgetting to look after our own happiness and gain the rewards and recognition we need in life to make us feel better. So this podcast talks about the need to look after your own happiness first and foremost and take the time out to put yourself first. 

This doesn't mean being selfish, but when you look after yourself, everything else around will just fit into place. When people see you are happy then they will join in your happiness too. 

I hope you like it. Best wishes Scott

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Hi there and welcome to the podcast at So today we're going to be talking about living for yourself because I think sometimes throughout life, we, we tend to forget about doing things for ourselves, things that make us happy, things that make us feel good. And generally just looking after our own wellbeing. Now that doesn't mean to say that we need to be selfish in the way that we look at things in life, but more so just to make sure that we look after our own happiness and our own interest, because generally, if we look at keeping ourselves happy then that tends to make everybody else happy around us, but if we're doing things and living vicariously through others and kinda not living life, the way that we wanted it to be, and we're not getting the rewards and we're not getting the recognition and we're not getting anything that makes us happy, then we pass that unhappiness on too, and somewhere.

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The things about life is when you think about when you were a kid, you know, you, you go and do sports day or you join a team or, you know, just for good school work you'd find that you got a reward or a badge, or, you know, something that rewarded you for your achievements. And as we get older, we tend not to get them. You go to work every day and nobody really thanks you. You don't really get any rewards for it. So you become complacent about stuff. Really. You know, we do things.

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We do the housework at home and you know, our husbands or our kids just take us for granted. And kind of all of a sudden what happens is we lose who we are. And we find that we're just not happy in life. We lost our ability to understand who we are and maintain our happiness. And part of that is because we're not doing anything for ourselves anymore, which is why you really do need to think about living for yourself. And that is finding something that you might be passionate about.

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It might be a meaning in life. It might be something that when you wake up in the morning and you just want to jump out of bed, you want to feel good because, you know, later on that day you're going to be doing it. It could be just going and buying yourself a new outfit, buying new clothes, having a new haircut, or, you know, doing anything but, make yourself feel good, and look good because when you're feeling good, when you're looking great, then you have the confidence to go and deal with everything else in life. You know, and sometimes when our confidence gets knocked, we get a little bit scared.

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You know, we just pull ourselves inside and we become that person that we just don't know anymore. So it's really, really,, really important that you look after yourself, every opportunity that you get. And by doing that, you will find that life does become easier. Now I got divorced last time and kinda, my wife just left me out the blue. She didn't want anything to do with me, no reason for it whatsoever. And you know, at the, at the time I was a little bit overweight because I've been working away and too many free course meals, too much stress at work.

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And all of a sudden I found myself without anything. And I also find myself being overweight but one of the things that I did was just maintain a massive fitness regime. And I still do it to this day. In fact, I train about three times a day. So what went from kind of avoiding fitness to actually then having a goal, probably to prove my ex wrong as well, I guess but a goal to drop that weight and also to put the fitness in has made me feel so good about myself, that, you know, anxiety, depression, all that sort of stuff, goes out the window.

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And when you live for yourself, it also allows you to, you know, take the thoughts on board that you have that are causing you problems that are causing you, issues that are making you think bad things, you know, unworthiness. Because when you look after the body, the mind will look after itself. When the mind is healthy and you keep it absorbed with things, you know, you, you're going to go out and do that, run a bit faster. You're going to do your cycle in a bit faster. You know, you're going to box for 45 minutes, not 30 minutes.

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You always have achievements goals and everything that is just controlled by you that you can go out there and achieve. So when you do that, your confidence builds itself again. And you will find that all of a sudden what happens is you start looking good. You start feeling good. You start carrying yourself properly. You know, when you have the confidence to deal with things, you don't question yourself so much about stuff. So in life, it is really, really, really important to look after your own happiness. First and foremost, put everything else on pause.

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As I said, it doesn't mean to be selfish, but just take care of yourself, that's your mental health, your physical health and your everyday wellbeing, when you're not feeling good, take time out and do something that makes you smile because life should be fun. Life is too important to go throwing it away. So put yourself first at all times, make sure you're achieving your goals. Make sure you've got a plan. Make sure you're getting rewards. Make sure you're getting recognition for the things that you do, and then go away and light up every room that you walk into.

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Feel good about yourself. Feel great about what you're achieving in life. You know, be kind, give everyone hugs, you know, just make sure that you work out what it is you want in life and chase it and chase it and don't let anything get in your way. So it's a really important point guys, and kind of like. Do you think about living for yourself? Think about finding something that makes you feel good and just go out there and smash life. Yeah. And if you'd like to read more, there's a load, more notes on the blog and the link below.

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And I'll speak to you on the next podcast. Take care and make sure to visit us at Let's speak to you soon. Take care now.