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Do What Makes You Happy – Then Do More Of What Makes You Happy

July 09, 2020 Scott
Change Your Life Forever Podcast
Do What Makes You Happy – Then Do More Of What Makes You Happy
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Hi there and this is episode 2 of the change your life podcast and it is all about do what makes you happy - then do more of what makes you happy.

Life can get us down sometimes, in this fast paced world where we get indulged into the negatives rather than the positives. We go to work and come home and nothing seems to be that exciting anymore.

So today's episode is all about doing things that make you happy. Waking up with a smile and just making sure you have a great day. 

Catch you soon best wishes Scott

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Hi there and welcome to the podcast for It's Scott talking and today I wanted to talk about doing things that make you happy because kinda throughout life, if your me, anyway, sometimes you just wake up and you're in a bad mood. You can't shake it off. And you're just not very happy for the day. As a result of that, what happens is the whole day spirals out of control. And the more miserable you seem to get, the more miserable things seem to happen.

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So today is all about doing things that make you happy and it's not kinda, you know, thinking about making other people happy. It's thinking about things that make you happy because happiness really is a choice. And I've learned this over a long, long time. You know, sometimes we get into relationships or we have friendships that kind of suck us into the ground, make us feel terrible and make us feel horrible. And all of a sudden we kinda lose who we are. And we forget that life is about being happy.

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It's about a choice to put a smile on our face, to see life for what it is, something that should be enjoyed and something that we should really embrace and, and make the most of it, to be honest. So, you know, when you look at happiness, when you look at things that you do on a daily basis, there are things that make you smile there are things that you look forward to. You know, they could be simple things like, you know, seeing the smile on your kids' faces in the morning, it could be going to the gym.

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It could be kinda doing something like riding horses or wherever it is that kind of floats your boat. But in order to stay happy, we need to do more of the things that make us happy. You know, I think a lot of us kind of sit down, look at life and you know, we go to work. We're probably not that that happy at Work either. We come home, you know, we say hi to our partners or our family, or whatever, and then we sit down and watch telly. And it's not really a very motivational lifestyle in order to keep us happy.

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But when you've got goals, when you've got plans, when you've got things that you want to look forward to, you know, events that you're going to go to, then things, kinda align up and you are able to live a happier lifestyle. But in order to do that, we kinda, we kinda do need things to look forward to. And with this Corona virus at the moment is absolutely, you know, taken over the world. It's knocked, people's happiness. It's, we've lost people's lives. We've lost people's jobs, you know, and everyone is struggling.

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And today is a prime example. You know, I woke up, wasn't in a great mood. Really? My, my wife is amazing to be honest, because she always has a smile on her face or most of the time anyway. And she reminded me to do something today that makes me feel happy. So text me dad, booked in,going the pub later on for a couple of pints. We haven't been able to go to pub for four months. So, you know, that's put, a smile on my face, made me feel more positive and made me have a better outlook. The next thing after that, because I started cheering up a job came through the door and I've not been working for seven weeks.

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Obviously, you know, you worry about whether you'll be able to support your family, whether you will be able to survive and with 400 applicants at the moment going for these jobs, boy. Yeah, it is really, really hard to get yourself in there. But when you have, a happy approach and you stay motivated and you stay positive because you're looking after yourself. And I think I did a podcast yesterday on living for yourself. You know, you have to make sure that you just get out of bed, smiling, and you look at the day, you look at what you can do. You look at what you can do to make yourself smile, you know, stay off social media.

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If you want to speak to your friends, then give them a ring. It's funny because you know, we're, we bought mobile phones because you could talk to people. But now, because of social media, we tend to text people. So we lose all our kind of social integration that we should be getting. And, you know, you need to get out and about and meet people and smile at people and get to know them. You know, really just cheer yourself up because we can all sit there and we can all go. Our life is rubbish. This is crap.

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I'm not happy. I'm not happy. And the more we tell ourselves, these things, the worse the situation gets. But when we take a happy approach and happiness idea to our lifestyle, and we think, yeah, todays going to be a good day. We're going to have a great time. I'm going to do this. I'm going to go and see my friends, I'm going to do great at work and going to make new contacts. I'm going to have a really productive day and I'm going to make the most of it, no matter what the outcome. And then like a little thing that we do at home is we do a gratitude thing at lunchtime or tea time.

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And kind of what we do is just go around the table and get everybody to say what we were grateful for for that day. And it really does put a smile on your face. Cause even sometimes on the worse type of day, you can always look back and find something that brings happiness into your life there. So always do things that do make you happy that put a smile on your face and do more off it because the more that you smile and the more that your happy, the better life will become the more you'll attract happier people. And you'll sit back and go, yeah, man, I'm quite enjoying this life.

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I love it. So that's today all about doing what makes you happy? Find something if you haven't got something, but makes sure every day, if you're feeling a bit blue, just pick yourself up, have a chat with some people, have a laugh with some people, you know, go and do something that really makes yourself feel good about yourself. So there's a link to the blog below as well. If you want to read more about doing what makes you happy? Where I've got lots more hints and tips. And in the meantime, I hope you'll join me, take care, and I'll see you soon.

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Best wishes, Scott.