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How To Be Happy Again - You Can Do This

July 21, 2020 Scott
Change Your Life Forever Podcast
How To Be Happy Again - You Can Do This
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Hi there and today's episode is all about how to be happy in life. We owe it to ourselves to live a happy lifestyle and whilst it is okay to feel down sometimes, life is too important to let it get on top of us.

Have a listen and see what you think and from this day forth go forward and make your life one that is full of happiness too, because you own this.

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Hi there. Welcome to change podcast. It's Scott speaking, your host. And today we're going to be talking about how can I be happy again? Because sometimes happiness just evades us, right? We spend every day, we're bored at work. We hate our jobs our family lives aren't really doing much. And we haven't gotten any plans, goals. We were just not enjoying life. We can't be happy, you know, and that's all everybody wants.

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Everybody wants to be happy in life. Everybody wants to wake up with a smile on their face. How do you become happy? So kind of some of the tips from me at the moment are don't let your past dictate your future. Just don't look at the past and say, well, this is what I deserve. I, this is why I've got, because you deserve to be happy in life. Everybody deserves to be happy. And just because kinda people have rejected you or things haven't worked out, it doesn't mean that things are not going to change in the future.

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So always look to the future, never look at the past. And if you are adopt a positive approach to your life, you can turn anything around. Sometimes it's not that easy because other people suck the life and soul out of you. But happiness really is something that we can actually choose to be. Now, I was in a couple of relationships before previous marriages, you know, never that happy, made a mistake, really should have known better, but then kinda, you know, when I lost everything I decided, well, you know, life is what I make of it.

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So I put my plans together, put my goals together. I decided I was going to meet someone new. You know, we were going to have loads of fun. We were going to have a laugh and we were going to make sure that we live every day with a smile on my face. Now I'm quite lucky really cause my wife is quite good fun anyway. And she is pretty much happy all the time anyway, but she, she chooses. She's had a really hard time in life. She's had a really hard background, but she wakes up and she has a smile on her face and she laughs and she jokes and she does anything to make other people happy.

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And it's just an amazing attribute to have and even when she feels down, she feels blue. She still puts a smile on her face because she knows that by doing that, by being happy by saying that life is going to get better, it does become better. And if you believe that you can be happy, then you will be. And you know, happiness is found through sharing love. It's about spending time with other people. It's about letting the world, see who you are, you know, so always make sure that you r doing more of what makes you happy in life.

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Your doing things that really really make you feel good because if you're depressed every day and you're telling yourself over and over again that you feel depressed, you know, life is depressing. And then that's what you're going to believe. If you wake up every day and go, yeah, I feel a bit depressed today but tomorrow is a new day. It's going to get better. Things are going to be looking up. You know, I've got all these goals i've got all these plans. I am going to achieve them. And when you start out to go and achieve them, then once they start to manifest themselves and they start to happen.

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You do feel happy because your getting the rewards and recognition in life that you deserve. You feel like you're being the best person that you can be. You know, you're living your best life your doing everything that you possibly can to make it great. But when we kind of climb inside ourselves and we don't see life for what it is an amazing experience that we own, that we control that we are able to go out there and do whatever we can do. Then sometimes life just does become hard.

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And it's no wonder that we're not happy as a result of that. So happiness is a choice. We have a choice to go and smile and talk to people. We have a choice to wake up and go. This is a new day. This is going to be an amazing day. I am going to smile. I am going to be happy. I'm going to make it great. And we know in life that positives attract positives. So when you were feeling great, when you were feeling happy, you will find that other people around you feel like that too.

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And it's okay to feel glum every now and then it's okay to feel a bit sad, but just don't let it become a lifestyle. Jump out of bed in the morning and look forward to the day, go out there, smile at people, meet people, have a laugh, do everything you can to make your life a happier one because you own it. You own it and you can do it and you should start doing it from tomorrow. And just try cheer yourself up. Put something funny on the TV phone, your best mate, who makes you chuckle, you know, do whatever you can just, don't sit there and let that depressed, horrible state bring you down because when it brings you down, it's harder to get back up.

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So force yourself to be happy and happiness will follow. And eventually you'll realize that life really is whatever you make it. So that's enough for the podcast today. There's more on the blog. It There's loads of hints and tips about happiness and all sorts of stuff on there. And you can also join our video transformation program. So I hope you're like that. I'll see you soon and best wishes, Scott.