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Everything Happens For A Reason Or Does It?

July 23, 2020 Scott
Change Your Life Forever Podcast
Everything Happens For A Reason Or Does It?
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Hi there and todays episode is all about everything happening for a reason. Whether we like it or not when bad things and good things happen in life it is normally for a reason.

We are normally engulfed with negative emotions when bad things happen but if we choose to look at them and find the positives then things do get better. We should always look forward in life and live with no regrets.

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Wishing you all the best in life Scott

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Hi there and welcome to podcast. It's Scott your host talking again and today we're going to talk about everything happens for a reason because sometimes crap happens to us in life. You know, things come along, knocks us completely apart and we get bitter. We get upset, we get anxiety, we get depression. And we think that it's personal. You know and life is against us and life becomes really hard when actually, if you turn it on its head and you look at it in a different way, you can find positive outcomes from things that happen.

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Now, I'm going to give you a couple of examples because my ex wife was, was pregnant with my daughter. We had no problems whatsoever with the birth. We just went into the hospital one day for a routine check cos the doctors was closed and they ended up keeping her in there. And kind of after a few days, we found out she had what was called HELLP syndrome, which is kind of a thinning of the blood. And my daughter was also the wrong way round as well. So they spent another couple of days trying to turn my daughter. They couldn't do it.

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And then all of a sudden they just went right. We've got to operate. So they, they kind of took my wife into the operating theater. I wasn't allowed in there, you know, they, they put her under, for a proper operation really is like a caesarian. And, but she was under anesthetic because of the problem with the blood. So the next thing they handed my daughter over to me and kinda, I looked after her and then, a couple of hours later, they brought my wife back in because there was some complications on her side.

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And she was absolutely screaming. Even though she was on morphine, she was in agony. Then, for the next few days or whatever she kinda was really, she was just off her head. She didn't even know that we had had a baby, you know? And she wasn't particularly nice at the time either because of that. And then kinda, you know, looking at that, it was a really, really difficult situation. But then when we took our daughter home a week later after she'd been in intensive care the week that she was due to be born, we had the worst, snow ever.

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We would never have ever been able to get out the house or get an ambulance to the house. And if they hadn't have found out at this test, what was wrong with my wife, then we could've lost her and the baby. And again, kinda my same wife. One day came home from work one day and kinda she just said, I don't want you here anymore. Don't love you anymore. Don't want you no excuses, no information, no nothing. Didn't want to talk about it. So I kinda said, okay, you know, spent the next few months, sorting out arrangements.

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For her to move out. You know, take my daughter everything else. But what I've realized was I wasn't happy. I wasn't happy anyway. And she wasn't to blame and nor was I, but the relationship just wasn't going anywhere. And she was right. If it didn't finish, then it would have finished later. And now, you know, I met someone else. Who's absolutely amazing. If I had of met them years and years ago, I would have married them in the first place. And we've now got married. I've got a beautiful stepdaughter.

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My kids absolutely adore her and life is just peachy. It's a million times better than it was. Now there only just a couple of examples. But every day when you look at something, if something bad happens, look at the positives that have come out of it. You will find that there are always positive things that come out of it. Because if you take those things as a negative, then the negatives come along and you go into a negative downward spiral and it just takes over and it just keeps eating you up and eating you up and it takes ages to get out off.

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So whenever something bad happens, just analyze it. Don't react to it, just think to yourself, okay, why did this happen? What is the reason behind that? Is there a positive that I can take from it? Now I know that it's not applicable to every situation. You know, people lose people in life and there's just no reasoning for that. You know, there's all the things that happen, that there is no reason for. So I'm not saying that this is adaptive to every single situation, but when you look at life, except that things do happen for a reason, if you're upset about the outcome or the decision, if you can change it, go back and change it.

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If you can, if you can't just accept it, move forward in life, stay positive and your mind and your mental focus will change to a more positive perspective and idea. But when you start thinking the world's against, you know, it's beaten you up and everything else, then it will come along and it will beat you up. And if you didn't listen to the previous podcast on the law of attraction, it's kinda the way that the world works. So things do happen for a reason, you know, of during COVID-19.

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I lost my contract cause I was working in Milan, in Italy for Campari. And they had the biggest outbreak over there since then it's been like 400 applicants for jobs. Now, you know, everybody needs the money cause everybody is losing things, but I've stayed positive. I've stayed focused. I've changed my CV networked with people. I've contacted people and I've got another job. And that's all by staying positive, and this new job. But this new consultancy is better than the previous one I did.

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So everything does happen for a reason good or bad, but sometimes just look at the positives, never go down with the ship just see what you can extract and go actually, you know, if I was still doing that, I might not be happy. I've got a choice now to be happier than I was before. So just accept that things do happen for a reason. Move on as quickly as you can stay focused, follow your plan in life, follow your goals in life and just live it and love it. No excuses.

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Yeah. And that's all I've got to say today on that topic. So I will speak to you again in the next podcast. And if you'd like to check out the blog where there's loads more hints and tips, check it out at And I'll speak to you again soon. Take care, Scott.