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Believe In Yourself - Because You Have Too

August 24, 2020 Scott
Change Your Life Forever Podcast
Believe In Yourself - Because You Have Too
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Hi there and welcome to the podcast for Today's episode is all about believing in yourself because you have too. Other people can make you think of good things or bad things about yourself.

You shouldn't however let them put you off pursuing your dreams and stopping believing in yourself as a result of that. Belief in yourself is something that takes nurturing and only you can do that.

So pull out your confidence today and start to believe in yourself more too. You can find out lots more hints and tips on the blog at All my best wishes Scott

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Hi there and welcome to It's Scott, the host of your podcast speaking. And today we're going to talk about believing in yourself and how you can learn to believe in yourself more because generally in life, you know, some people will encourage us to do well. Other people will kind of put us down and criticize us and make us feel like we're not worthy. And that's really, really hard to overcome because when you start questioning yourself in your own mind, then believing in yourself is even harder to do.

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And, and the way that I see this is that to believe in yourself is being comfortable with who you are. And it links into finding out more about yourself, you know, being kind to people, helping other people, and generally just not having all those questions going on in your mind about whether you're doing the right thing, whether you've done the right thing and build a new confidence in regards to who you actually are. And then if you want to be good at something, then the good old saying practice makes perfect is completely, completely true because it does.

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And if you want to be good at something, if you want to build your confidence in something, then you have to keep trying until you become good at it. But when you learn as well to become self critical with yourself, so you can look at a situation and say, I could've done that better. You know, maybe it was okay, but really when I think about it. I could've acted in this way. I could have done this to make it better. Then when other people come along and try and criticize you, you're already self aware of where you need to improve yourself.

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And if somebody says something to you that is kind of critical, you can look at it observantly and say, well, yeah, actually I can see your point and I could do better there, but believing in yourself, comes from inside. It's your voice in your head that tells you whether or not you believe that you are worthy that you believe that you are capable of great things. You know, some things we're not really particularly good at some things we're really great at, but life is about experiencing things, but being confident in who you are as a person, and then believing in yourself, will follow along with that.

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Because generally, if, if you believe in yourself, you're capable of doing anything and don't forget, people are judging you, you know, on the way that you think they're judging you, they've got their own opinions, they've got their own minds, they've got their own impressions. So they're going to judge you regardless, and they're going to have their opinion regardless. And you cannot keep absolutely everyone happy. So you might believe in yourself in one thing, but then somebody else won't believe in you, but that should not let you put off having confidence in yourself and the things that you're doing.

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Because if you let that get to you, then your belief will just disappear. And, you know, sometimes we can say to ourselves, I can't do that. You know, I'm not good enough at that or no, you know, there's, there's no way that I've got the skills to be able to do that. And that lack of confidence and those voices in your own mind can put you off doing it when actually all you should do is just go into everything with a confident attitude, as much as you can.

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And just say, I do believe in myself. I know I can do this. I know I can get that job. I know that I can score a goal today or whatever it is. You have to tell yourself over and over in your own mind that you do actually believe in yourself and don't listen to criticism. Don't listen to those voices that tell you that you can't do stuff because repetition and your own mind will fill your subconscious mind with that feeling.

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You do believe in yourself. You can do this. You can do whatever you want to. If you put your mind to it, you can have, or do anything you want in life. And it really is that simple, you know, practice get on with it, build your confidence and go out there and make the world, see you for who you are. See what you're capable of. Be capable of. Great things. Believe that you can have anything you want to.

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And it really is that simple. You know, some things might come along and knock your sidewards or knock you back and knock your confidence and make you believe that things weren't real. But life is just about the path that you take. If other people come and destroy that or situations destroy it, it's how we overcome those obstacles that make us who we are. And when we realize that that is going to happen, then you can believe in yourself because you will believe that you can get back up on your feet.

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You can be that amazing person that goes through life and gets whatever they want to. So that's all I've got to say today on believe in yourself. There's loads more hints, tips, and steps on the blog in regards to how you can believe in yourself more. That's And also if you'd like to join my transformation program, then please do come and join me and I'll help you every day become a better you, you will see life in a different way and just be happy in life.

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So I'll see you at Take care. Bye bye now.