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Be Kind Give Love Always

September 02, 2020 Scott
Change Your Life Forever Podcast
Be Kind Give Love Always
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Hi there and welcome to the podcast here at and today's episode is all about be kind and give love always.

Being kind is the greatest gift you can bestow on yourself and others. You owe it to yourself to be kind to people so when you need it yourself, everyone will be kind to you too. Why we judge or criticize others is a big question in life.

Listen to the podcast and find out why you should be kind too. Don't forget to checkout the transformation program too at see you soon best wishes Scott

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Hi there and welcome to the podcast for changeyour It's Scott again, talking here and today we're gonna talk about being kind. We did have a session on being kind to yourself, which is one thing, but being kind to other people is kind of something that we should all do. And it always amazes me because I speak to people and when they need help, when they want something, when they desperately feel as if they need other people, they actually don't treat other people with kindness.

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And in life, you get treated the way that you treat other people. And I know it's a famous saying, but if you're kind to other people and you help them, they will be kind to you. They will be there for when you need them. They will offer you the help and support that you need. But quite often, you know, people get frustrated with other people. We tend to criticize other people. And you see it all the time at the moment with social media, because someone will put themselves out there and rather than looking at it with respect, you know, that that person is doing as well as they can.

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You know, their trying really , their putting themselves out there, they need a bit of appreciation. People go, you know, they're an idiot. You know, they're there, they're stupid. Look at what there wearing and all that kind of stuff. And when, when you look at people and you judge them, or you criticize them, that isn't being kind. Now you can look at them and say, well, you know, I might not agree with that or that isn't up my street. But when you actively look to criticize somebody for something that they're doing, then you then start to become unkind.

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And then what happens as a result of that is when people judge you, when you put yourself out there and people are unkind to you, we don't like it. And the way that I view the world is that if we don't like something ourselves, if we don't like the way that we're being treated, then why would we treat somebody else like that now? And again, you know, as a, as a new family were all mixing together and I've got a seven year old daughter, and yet to me, she's absolutely beautiful.

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You know, she's seven years old, she's demanding. She takes up your time. You know, she, she wants my time all the time. It's daddy this, daddy that . And, you know, everyone finds it difficult to bond with her because of that. But when unkindness comes in, people do feel that, you give off a vibe. People feel that, you know, you're not happy with them. You're not there to support them. You're not there to help them.

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And then people then start questioning themselves about who they are, what they stand for and everything else. And those intrusive thoughts, kind of come into play. But we should always be kind, everyone is doing their best in life. Everybody is trying as hard as they can. And the only time you shouldn't be, or you should be unkind is if somebody does something absolutely horrible for no reason, then that is acceptable.

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You know, because those people need to understand that what they've done is wrong and what they've done is not right. But again, you can then talk to them about it and tell them how you honestly feel, but you don't have to be unkind in your response because you've all heard about karmer. And when it comes around like a boomerang and it is true in life. So if your being unkind to other people, expect other people to be unkind to you and just go out there, help other people, it's our job to make other people feel good about themselves, to feel great about themselves, to support them, to help them, to nurture them, to move them forward in life.

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And sometimes yeah we're in a bad mood. We have bad day and we just react. And we say things we don't mean, but that's when we should apologize and take it back and tell people and explain to people. It was just us being in a bad mood. We didn't really mean it, but we have to deal with being kind in everyday situations. If you see somebody that needs help ask them if they need help. And I'm kind of lucky with this cause my, my wife is amazing.

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Anybody needs anything? You know, she will help absolutely everybody. And I would say it's probably a purpose in life to make other people happy. You know? And it's such an amazing gift and people absolutely love her. You know, she works in a shop and every single day, she puts a smile on her face and she's kind to people and she's nice to them. And so many people give her comments that make her feel good inside because of how polite she is because of her ability to not be unkind to people.

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And it's such an amazing trait to have in life. But when you are nice to other people, when you kind to other people, it makes you feel good inside, it makes you feel like you are actively helping somebody. We do have a pack mentality, and we're meant to work together. We're meant to work in teams. We're meant to be helping each other succeed. So every single day, if you have an opportunity to be kind to somebody, please do that and notice that when you need something, those people will be kind to you too.

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And that's all I've got to say today on being kind. So you can check out more information on the blog itself and that's my alarm going off. And then you can check it out,, or come and join me on my transformation program to change And I will see you soon. Take care all the best Scott.